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A Creative Movement Workshop facilitated by Wong Wai Yee

Where It Ends, We Begin is an Inclusive Creative Movement Workshop for children aged 5 – 12 years old.  This workshop celebrates and welcomes children with different learning abilities and conditions. Come explore with us movement concepts, words & texts inspired by poems from Where The Sidewalk Ends written by Shel Silverstein!  

About Wong Wai Yee


Wai Yee is the co-director of A Little RAW and she has been working over 30 years as an independent performer, choreographer and dance educator. Wai Yee has accumulated her specialised teaching experience with children in promoting psychodynamics between emotions, thoughts and movement in the creation and learning about the art of dance. In 2013, she completed a Specialist Diploma in Arts Education, an arts pedagogy course by National Institute of Education (NIE) and National Arts Council (NAC) and also achieved a qualification in “Working and Facilitating the Learning of Children with Special Needs” by Social Service Institute in collaboration with NAC.


12 December 2020 

  • Parent and Child Workshop; 5 to 8 years old 

9.45am - 10.45am 

  • Child only Workshop; 8 to 12 years old 

11.30am to 12.30pm 



RAW Moves Studio, Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Block B, #01-08 Singapore 439053    



$45 per pair (Parent and Child Workshop)  

$25 per child (Child Only Workshop)  

*10% discount for RAW Pal Members or if you register with a friend      


For enquiries and registration, please contact rawmoves.classes@gmail.com   

It's not just a job, it's an adventure

RawGround (RG) features 12:00 - a vignette of 12 works. 


This platform promulgates a curated mini-marathon that nurtures dialogue through enquiry and examination. Twelve short films released over twelve hours which are conducted by artists and non-practitioners, each investigating diverse subject matters.  


This year, RAW Moves is proud to present a digitalised performance of RawGround: Reference.


References are the frameworks through which we develop several different facets of our lives - ourselves, others, the past and the present. It is through the dictates of our referential frameworks that we are able to make meaning of and participate in personal, cultural and national discourses. This vignette of 12 works touches on ‘Inclusivity’, ‘Empowerment’, and ‘Sensing’ – all of which interrogate various points of references including memory, heritage, culture, and technology.


RawGround: Reference features original research, performances, and recordings by Akanksha Raja, Aneesha Shetty, Chok Si Xuan, Christoven Tan, Edward Tan, Lee En Jie, Matthew Goh, Melyn Chow, Stephanie Yoong, Timothy Tan and Titisa Jeamsakul (Ice). 


28 Nov 2020, 12pm 

Videos are available till 5 Dec 2020, 12mn

(Free to watch) 



Programme Order (Hourly Launch) for 28 Nov 2020

12:00pm         My Pa’s Colors by Titisa Jeamsakul (Ice) 

1:00pm           A Whimsical World by Stephanie Rae Yoong 

2:00pm           It’s Hard to Explain by Akanksha Raja 

3:00pm           The Board by Matthew Goh 

4:00pm           Faces by Lee En Jie 

5:00pm           Displaced Mathematics Articulated by Timothy Tan 

6:00pm           Mimos: Extended Bindings by Aneesha Shetty 

7:00pm           you and i by Chok Si Xuan 

8:00pm           Tea Party by Lee En Jie 

9:00pm           Changi 10th Milestone by Edward Tan 

10:00pm         BLIP by Christoven Tan 

11:00pm         To hold & to have by Melyn Chow 


www.rawground.sg (live on 28 November 2020, 12pm)

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Established in 2011, RAW Moves is an experimental contemporary dance company, which focuses its establishment, connection and direction of work with the spirit of inquiry.