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Competition arises naturally between living organisms. Co-existing in the same surrounding, one needs to compete for food, mates, prestige, economies as well as territory, and importantly for a position within a group or social setting. Such a competitive attitude has been colloquially termed as being ‘Kiasu’ 怕输 or ‘Afraid to lose’ in our Singaporean context.


For most, it is fashionable to have that ‘Kiasu’ drive – whether as a form of self-evaluation or in comparison with others. This competitive behavior can serve one on multiple levels depending on individual preferences and situational relevance. At the same time, for some being ‘Kiasu’ seems to encourage an endless rat race. How useful are these statements when observing expressions of living? How can we find meaning behind these competitive motivations and behaviors?


pertory Platform

Repertory Platform explores works by established local and international choreographers, with the intent to inject current movement aesthetics to the local arts community, hence raising the bar for artistry.

X & Y (2018)

by Ricky Sim (Singapore)



Two subjects look at each other from either side of the arena. Walking on the tight rope of life, they begin to spar in ways they know - face to face and through an interface. One steps forward, the other retreats. In their shared space, both question the tune of this tango - searching for truth in action and security in structure.


Is this a familiar music of our everyday?

Are both subjects interconnected or facets of the same thing? 


Watch it here https://vimeo.com/rawmoves/x-and-y


Date/ Time      11 – 13 April 2018, 8pm

Venue               Aliwal Arts Centre, Multi-purpose Hall




RawGround provides the opportunity for creators to actively share conceptual ideas through a studio showcase. In offering an insight into each practitioner’s working methodology for their intended work, this set-up also acknowledges our belief that time is of essence in craft making. Through dialogue sessions with the audience, we aim to promote an effective setting for work-in-progress research.

(Each sharing session will last no longer than 30 mins)

RawGround: Competition (2018)

by Matthew Goh, Stephanie Yoong, Valerie Lim, Vanessa Tan & Lee Wee Siong (Singapore)



RawGround, a creative platform, offers a Rubik's cube perspective by 5 young creators, based on this season's theme "Competition". Each interrogates and discovers ways to make sense of the theme, while offering innovation possibilities to arrive at their ideal cube.

This is a work-in-progress (research) dialogue session, featuring conceptual ideas by Matthew Goh, Stephanie Yoong, Valerie Lim, Vanessa Tan and Lee Wee Siong.

Fragments (2018) by Stephanie Rae Yoong

How can I compete against my insecurities to become a stronger version of myself?

Tech Faithfuls (2018) by Valerie Lim & Vanessa Tan

Investigating the ritualistic attachment that we have with our phones, we question if

technology serves more than just a functional purpose in our lives?


Priceless (2018) by Lee Wee Siong

What is the value of a currency note?

Tapping Out (2018) by Matthew Goh

Losing: How might one feel and what might be experienced?

Watch it here https://vimeo.com/rawmoves/rawground-2018

Date/ Time      4 - 5 August 2018, 3pm & 8pm

Venue               RAW Moves Studio

Run An

ther Way

Run Another Way is a movement clinic that serves as an open platform for non-dance practitioners in a non conventional theatre setting. It serves to create opportunities for arts practitioners and public who are not engaged in dance professionally to engage in dance making, and aims to enable all who are interested in movement and dance to discover the body in performance, while making movement relatable and meaningful to the everyday life.

Run Another Way:
Close Company (2018)

by Alison Currie (Australia)



Contemporary dance company, RAW Moves presents Close Company by Alison Currie (Australia), a performance series of three short vignettes that explores the notion of co-dependency by dancers in and around the audience. This up-close dance experience examines power balance and imbalance, emotional closeness, support and resistance… in an intimate space.


Watch it here https://vimeo.com/300906248

Date/ Time      18 October 2018: 8pm
                           19 and 20 October 2018: 3pm and 8pm

Venue               Goodman Arts Centre, Block O, Multi-purpose Studio 1 & 2

search & Development


Research & Development promotes creative investigation through a curated practice, with an emphasis on unveiling creative processes and methodologies through archive and performance.


Research & Development:
Alice, Bob & Eve (2019)

by Teow Yue Han (Singapore) in collaboration with RAW Moves Dancers



Embodying attributes of placeholder names in cryptography, Alice, Bob & Eve is a movement research ‘living laboratory’ hidden in a gallery space, probing how digital technologies choreograph our movement in society. Over a 4 hour durational span, witness how Alice, Bob and Eve accumulate and analyse forms of data, their identities entangled in an apparatus of interfaces and sensors, all while mediating between humanising machines and coding humans.


Each 30-minute unique research event began at 5:00pm, 6:15pm and 7:30pm daily. Each ticket entitled audience to multiple entries throughout the 2 days of performances.


Watch it here https://vimeo.com/rawmoves/alicebobandeve2019

Date/ Time      22 & 23 February 2019, 4.30pm to 8.30pm

Venue               School of the Arts Gallery 

Int     rnational Engagement

OzAsia Festival: Close Company (Australia Premiere)

by Alison Currie (Australia)



Held in Adelaide, Australia from the 25 to 26 October, RAW Moves presented  Close Company by Alison Currie. OzAsia Festival is  Australia's leading arts festival that is entirely dedicated to engagement with Asia.


Date/ Time      25, 26 October 2018, 6:30pm & 8 pm

Venue               Nexus Arts Venue, Adelaide

Photo credit: Bernie Ng

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