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Reference (2020/21)


For many of us, our memories are one of the greatest treasures we possess. Be it collecting photographs, writing, creating art or engraving it deeply into our minds, we make certain that our memories and the emotions they carry are always accessible to us.

Extracting from this emotional response, industrial innovators across businesses, education systems, activists, governments, sports organisations, the entertainment industry and more are quick to mine on our attachment to the ‘immediate’ past through a powerful remembrance device - Data.

Has our sentimentality surrendered us to an intangible industry where emotions are managed through digital captures from personal ‘Like’, ‘Visit’, ‘Share’, amongst other wants and needs?

What value does our nostalgia for the past add to or take from our lives? Is it simply the act of reminiscing or is it also a potent tool to be wielded? Does the power it has over us have potential to be manipulated in other ways that affects not just our present but also our future?


W Radix


With the paradigm of creating unique, interdisciplinary and experimentational works, the platforms of RAW Radix form the bedrock of RAW Moves.



RawGround presents a 12-hour mini marathon of consecutive one-hour segments nurturing dialogue through enquiry, examination and participation. 

RawGround: Reference (2020)


This year, RAW Moves is proud to present a digitalised performance of RawGround: Reference.


References are the frameworks through which we develop several different facets of our lives - ourselves, the past, and the present. It is through the dictates of our referential frameworks that we are able to make meaning of and participate in personal, cultural, and national discourses. This 12-hour mini marathon touches on 'Inclusivity', 'Empowerment' and 'Sensing' - all of which interrogate various points of references including memory, heritage, culture, and technology.


RawGround: Reference features original research, performances, and recordings by Akanksha Raja, Aneesha Shetty, Christoven Tan, Chok Si Xuan, Edward Tan, Lee Enjie, Matthew Goh, Melyn Chow,  Stephanie Yoong, Timothy Tan, and Titisa Jeamsakul (Ice).

Watch it here https://youtu.be/L3HRJOxPNhQ

Date/Time      28 November 2020, 12pm 

                          Videos available till 13 December, 12mn

Venue              www.rawground.sg


search & Development

Research and Development (R&D) promotes creative investigation in a curated practice, with an emphasis on unveiling creative processes and methodologies through archiving and performance.

 XITY (2021)


XITY [sit-ee] /ˈsɪt.i/


1.   An artistic inquiry conceptualised by Matthew Goh investigating the relationship between the city and its inhabitants, whereby "X" is a variable aspect of the urban environment to be reimagined, or an inhabitant responding. to the city.


2.   An artistic laboratory where performing bodies animate prototype apparatus (inspired by kinetic sculptures), in order to invoke a reflective space for us to (re)discover different facets of our unique city inhabitant relationships.

Date/Time      29 to 31 January 2021

Venue             Goodman Arts Centre, Block O Multi-purpose                                    Studio 1 & 2

W Venture


RAW Venture features commissions and reprised works from our existing repertoire, with the intent to make experimental artwork accessible and relatable to new audiences.


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W Fleet


Globe-trotting, RAW Fleet promotes our diverse repertoire works to an international audience.

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Established in 2011, RAW Moves is an experimental contemporary dance company, which focuses its establishment, connection and direction of work with the spirit of inquiry.