Photo: Bernie Ng




W Radix

With the paradigm of creating unique, interdisciplinary and experimentational works, the platforms of RAW Radix form the bedrock of RAW Moves.

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Repertory Platform (R.e.P) explores full-length works by established local and international choreographers, with the intent to inject current movement aesthetics into the local arts community, thereby raising the bar for artistry.

RawGround (RG) promulgates a curated mini-marathon that nurtures dialogue through enquiry and examination. Twelve continuous one-hour segments conducted by artists and non-practitioners, each investigating diverse subject matter.

Run Another Way (RUN) features a movement clinic that functions as an ‘open concept’ work in a non-conventional theatre setting. It serves to create opportunities for the public to engage, participate and interact in the dance-making.

Research & Development (R&D) promotes creative investigation in a curated practice, with an emphasis on unveiling creative processes and methodologies through archiving and performance.


W Venture

RAW Venture features commissions and reprised works from our existing repertoire, with the intent to make experimental artwork accessible and relatable to new audiences.


W Fleet

Globe-trotting, RAW Fleet promotes our diverse repertoire works to an international audience.



This programme imparts time for practice, creation and/or presentation with international artists in the company, as well as conversation with local dance community, hereby emphasizing the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange.


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