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This programme imparts time for practice, creation and/or presentation with international artists in the company, as well as conversation with local dance community, hereby emphasizing the importance of meaningful and multi-layered cultural exchange.


2020 Season

Akanksha Raja


Christoven Tan


Edward Tan


Lee Enjie


Matthew Goh


Melyn Chow


Stephanie Yoong


Timothy Tan


Aneesha Shetty


Chok Si Xuan


Titisa Jeamsakul (Ice)

(Thailand / Singapore)

2019 Season

Paul Gong


Anna Kuroda


David Kirkpatrick


Nabilah Said


2018 Season

Alison Currie


Teow Yue Han


2017 Season

Edith Podesta


Kiran Kumar


Jeffrey Tan


Ebelle Chong


Wong Wai Yee


Neo Hong Chin


Pat Toh


2016 Season

Foo Yun Ying


Jo-anne Lee

(New York / Singapore)

Joyce Beetuan Koh


Caleb Ming


Felix Leuschner


Elizabeth Rutten-Ng

(Netherlands / Singapore)

Okorn-Kuo Jing Hong

(Austria / Singapore)

2015 Season

Chang Chien-Hao


Teresa Ranieri


Koh Wan Ching


2014 Season

Davit Fitrik


Chiew Peishan


Guy Shomroni


2013 Season

Richard Causer

(UK / Australia)

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Established in 2011, RAW Moves is an experimental contemporary dance company, which focuses its establishment, connection and direction of work with the spirit of inquiry.

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